Government departments can now easily procure Dossiere

Board management software, Dossiere now available through Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) Software Panel.

Board management software, Dossiere, developed by Speedwell for Dossiere, has been selected as a seller on the Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) Software Licensing and Services (SLS) Panel.

"Dossiere's selection on the SLS Panel will make it easy for Government agencies and departments to engage with us via the ICT Procurement Portal and easily access Dossiere under a whole of government arrangement” said Bruce Young, CEO and founder of Dossiere.

“We are now officially a seller of Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) Software under Category 2 of Software Licensing and Services (SLS) Panel (DTA-ICT-066)”.

The electronic board and executive paper solution benefits both private and public sector organisations seeking a secure, document distribution and collaboration tool. Dossiere has proven to deliver productivity and efficiency gains within Government already with several implementations within Federal and State departments.

Secretariats have their own distinct issues, primarily around meeting content delivery and updates and the need to give technology support to their members. Dossiere solves these issues by giving secretariats a web based tool to quickly and efficiently create meetings, add, delete and update documents, and assign meeting attendees by name or by group.

Staff have the ability to access and annotate meeting documents via an iPad or Windows 10 device before, during and after the meeting, whether online or offline. The sharing and collaboration tools are powerful yet simple to use and understand, allowing the users to focus on the content instead of the technology.

Said Young, “In addition to panel arrangements we also leverage events to get in front of our Government audience, to understand their current state of play and the digital challenges being faced. We recently showcased Dossiere at the Public Sector Innovation Show and there was a lot of interest. We’ll also once again have a presence at the Tech in Gov expo in August.”

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