Dossiere enables teams to securely distribute, organise, annotate, and collaborate around important documents.



The Dossiere system is specifically designed to deliver board and sub-committee papers to their members securely and efficiently. Board members have the ability to read, annotate and collaborate around the documents that have been delivered to them before the meeting, and to quickly locate their notes and questions during the board meeting.

Draft meeting minutes can be distributed, and any annotations shared with the secretary before final copies have been produced. The system is also regularly used for the distribution and feedback of annual reports and strategic papers.

Standing committees such as Audit, Risk and Remuneration can be assured that their working papers are kept confidential while giving them the additional ability to annotate and collaborate amongst their team.

Commonly Dossiere also gets used at the executive level of companies to prepare discussion papers before distribution to the board.

The Concierge web management tool allows board secretariats to efficiently manage board papers and distribute them to large and small groups.

This version of Dossiere can be run in Dossiere’s secure cloud, the client’s private cloud or on-premise.


The security implementation of Dossiere is a key reason why state and federal government cabinet departments utilise Dossiere for the distribution of cabinet documents and briefings. This specifically includes cabinet-in-confidence documents.

The system allows cabinet ministers to work securely with their advisors and department executive teams to share documents, annotate, search and share advice through the collaboration tools.

The ability to save multiple document versions along with any past annotations, ensures that any notes and annotations are not lost in the days before cabinet meetings.

The cabinet secretariat has the ability to organise meetings, associate documents and restrict documents where there are registered conflicts of interest.

The system can be configured to integrate with incumbent document management systems allowing automated creation of meetings, as well as archival of documents with or without member annotations.

Security features can be set or configured to suit the exact nature of the documents being distributed. Details of the security architecture of this version can be supplied on approval of installation application.

This version is designed to be implemented on-premise or in private cloud installations with additional security applied to the connectivity between Dossiere and the server back-end.


Dossiere’s TS version currently only works with redacted iPads (removal of Wifi, Bluetooth, Camera and Microphone) to create an environment for secure distribution of Secret and Top Secret documents.

This version of Dossiere is designed to work in an air-gap network where the iPads are physically tethered to a secure windows device to enable document transfer. This tethering is performed using a proprietary secure windows application to ensure fidelity and security.

While Dossiere TS is as fully featured as the standard version, collaboration and document transfer can only occur while the iPad is physically tethered to the windows device.

As with all versions of Dossiere, multiple levels of security and military grade encryption have been implemented to ensure that the documents remain confidential.

Please contact us for more information on Dossiere TS and the supply of redacted iPads.


There are times that a secure and confidential document distribution platform is required for sensitive projects such as contract negotiations, acquisition processes, audit and security reviews.

The classified document handling abilities of Dossiere allow corporations to utilise the same technology available to government departments to distribute documents, and allow the team members to securely collaborate during the process.

Cross-company teams can be nominated, as well as advisors and stakeholders to form groups which can be managed through a central or distributed document handling team.


Ideal for the judiciary, judgements are transcribed and distributed to judges along with the relevant audio files. Judges can listen to the audio while reviewing the supplied transcriptions, noting any issues they have either on the audio timeline, or on the supplied transcriptions.

These annotations are returned instantly to the court transcribers for error corrections and notes before being finally reviewed or published.

This process can shorten the time taken between judgement and publishing and ensures that the people involved are being more effective with their time while staying accurate with their reviews.

Access to precedent libraries, legislation and case history can give members of the bar instant access to their entire library. The ability to search large deposits of documents efficiently while in courtrooms which may not have reliable internet access gives them an advantage over their peers.


Companies who have staff working in remote locations without access to the internet, or who simply don’t have access to their corporate network at all times can now store their policies and procedures on a mobile device and give 24x7x365 access.

In addition to having access to these documents, their staff and stakeholders can annotate, highlight and set up shortcuts to the documents they use the most to ensure they always have the information in a timely manner.

When working in teams or training situations, other team members can share their notes to ensure consistent interpretation of documents.

When users have a question about a document, they can also send emails directly to the document owner to receive definitive answers relating to complex documents.

Historical versions of documents are able to be stored in Dossiere along with historical comments and annotations, thereby retaining the corporate knowledge built up over time.

Dossiere handles multiple users per device, allowing pool devices to be managed through MDM (Mobile Device Management) and Active Directory authentication without loss of security or data.


The ability for users to create their own libraries of documents allows project team members or case officers to create secure distributable libraries of documents and notes.

The security built into the Dossiere system allows the capture and distribution of personal, confidential and corporate-confidential documents to be stored and distributed along with annotations and highlights for the team members to share.

Incoming team members can be granted access to specific documents or entire libraries, and any annotations can be shared with them by the existing team members.

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Dossiere’s security implementation and large feature-set makes it the perfect platform for the distribution of classified and sensitive documents in government.

Current use cases include:

Cabinet Documents (Cabinet in confidence and protected)
Executive team meetings and project reviews
Incoming government briefings
Mobile reference libraries (Legislation, Policies, Procedures)
Case files for remote and office based workers
Remote compliance and evaluation teams
Secret and Top Secret classified document distribution


From the most sensitive corporate-in-confidence or board level documents, Dossiere is commonly used to manage meetings, distribute documents and provide collaboration tools to executives. Dossiere can effectively and productively allow companies to:

Manage and schedule board meetings
Distribute board documents
Manage the review process for meeting minutes
Manage and allow collaboration in standing committees
Distribute corporate documents for executive review and feedback
Distribute corporate reference libraries
Allow collaboration between project members


Within the court system there are many opportunities for the use of efficient collaboration tools. Some of these opportunities include:

Distribution and review of judgement transcriptions
Easy search of legislation (offline or online)
Easy search of precedents and rulings (offline or online)
Reference library of past documents and notes


While Dossiere has been designed primarily for government and corporate teams, the same requirements are found within associations and not-for-profit organisations.

The advent of the new secure cloud-hosted offering for Dossiere allows smaller organisations access to a cost-effective solution, giving them the ability to be as efficient and productive as their bigger counterparts.



Dossiere delivers secure distribution of documents to the cabinet environment including to the advisors and senior staffers involved in the process.

Documents can be distributed to

Cabinet members
Heads of Staff
Departmental executive teams

These recipients have the ability to share their views, notes and annotations with the others in their team as well as with the cabinet ministers and leaders.

The distribution of cabinet documents including updates in the days prior to meetings is instant.

The documents can be read and annotated while offline such as when in airplane mode, and once back online, any inbound or outbound sharing will be synchronised with the other members.


Corporate and advisory boards benefit from the secure and feature-full electronic board meeting distribution system delivered by Dossiere.

The secretariat team achieve greater efficiency by utilising the web based management tool (Concierge) to manage the meeting dates, documents and attendees.

The user-centric design of the interface means that your board members need minimal technical support.

Review of corporate documents and meeting minutes is made simple due to the collaboration facilities within Dossiere.

The board members have no need to learn the intricacies of internal IT Infrastructure. They simply need to be able to use the Dossiere interface to manage all their board meetings and associated documents.


Dossiere assists executive teams in building and refining corporate documents while on-the-fly.  Collaboration with the administrative and operational teams becomes simple due to the in-built collaboration tools.

Meeting management is handled by the executive assistants who supply up-to-date meeting documents along with agendas and information about meeting attendees.

Emails become a thing of the past for busy executives whose days are filled with meetings and document reviews.


Project and case teams now have the ability to share, annotate and distribute up-to-date project documents with the entire team.

Confidential and personal data is protected by being loaded into a highly secure document distribution system.


Dossiere provides out-of-office workers with the ability to receive and maintain current versions of relevant documents without having to rely on always-on internet connections.

The documents can be read and annotated while offline, and once back online, any inbound or outbound sharing will be synchronised with the other members.

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